Practical life
Exercises designed to help children to find their place in their home by becoming involved in how their home works and how they can best function in their home.  Exercises include pouring, food preparation, care of self (hand washing, dressing oneself), care of the environment (table setting, sweeping) and grace and courtesy lessons (saying excuse me, introducing oneself)

Children enjoy exploring sensorial exercises.  Some examples of sensorial learning activities are sorting objects, matching colours, matching same tastes or same smells; Pink tower is a perfect example of the sensorial exercise where pink cubes are built from the largest at the bottom to the smallest cube at the top.  The pink tower cubes are a concrete representation of the decimal numeral or base ten system of mathematics.

The program begins with story-telling, sound games with object.  The language curriculum is phonetic in nature and utilizes games and powerful teaching tools to help children to decode phonetic words, high frequency/sight words. Diphthongs and digraphs.  It is powerful in promoting early reading and writing skills using a variety of games and activities.

The Montessori Math materials cover recognition of math patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction work and skip counting.

This area covers variety of subjects such as geography, history, Botany and science.  The children will learn about different continents of the world and their uniqueness such as animals and habitats. Flags of the countries, living-non-livings things, life cycle and experiments

Our French program is unique and introduces the French language to the children in a fun and enjoyable way.  The children will learn variety of different subjects includes numbers, colours, fruits and vegetables, domestic and wild animals, articles around the house, objects around the school, body parts, Also, they will explore different kind of fish and insects and a lot more of subjects.  Also, the children will learn to follow the simple French instructions and talking in the French language.  All our themes are reinforced with fun songs and games.

Lunch Program
We are providing healthy snacks 1 in the morning at 8:30 am and one in the afternoon at 2:30 pm.  A hot lunch meal is provided to children at 11:30 pm according to Canada Food Guide and approved by the Ministry of Education.

After school program
We are offering tutoring in the following subjects

  • French language to all grades
  • Improving  grades
  • Improving  conversation and writing skills
  • Having fun learning the French language
  • Establish good foundation in the French language
  • Also we offer adult French program
  • Mathematics
  • We offer mathematics to pre-schoolers and elementary level using  Montessori approach and materials which stimulates to the children’s mind and help them to visualize and having hands on for better understanding the math concepts

We also providing English tutoring to the elementary level by using Montessori approach and materials which helps the children to understand easily and make sense of what they are learning.